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Individual Sport Psychology Services

"You don't have to have a problem in order for things to work better!"

Athletes are determined people, and they are often willing to push themselves beyond their comfort zones for even a 1% improvement in performance.  However, when it comes to working on their mental game, athletes sometimes wait until there is a problem before dedicating time and energy to improving this area.  This is a huge missed opportunity!  Working on yourself and your mental game can open new doors for you in your performance life.


I work with amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes to assist them in developing their mental game.  Together, we will make a plan to address your performance concerns and goals.  Areas commonly addressed in sport psychology consultations include, but are not limited to:

 -  Confidence  -  Burnout  -  Pre-performance Routines  -  Anxiety  - Negative Self-Talk  - 

-  Yips  -  Feeling Stuck  -  Perfectionism  -  Frustration  -  Failure Recovery  -  Effective Communication  -

-  Diaphragmatic Breathing  -  Mindfulness  -  Resilience and Recovery  -  Motivation  -

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