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Sport Psychology Services

"You don't have to have a problem in order for things to work better!"

Individual Sport Psych Services

Athletes are determined people, and they are often willing to push themselves beyond their comfort zones for even a 1% improvement in performance.  However, when it comes to working on their mental game, athletes sometimes wait until there is a problem before dedicating time and energy to improving this area.  This is a huge missed opportunity!  Working on yourself and your mental game can open new doors for you in your performance life.


I work with amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes to assist them in developing their mental game.  Together, we will make a plan to address your performance concerns and goals.  Areas commonly addressed in sport psychology consultations include, but are not limited to:

 -  Confidence  -  Burnout  -  Pre-performance Routines  -  Anxiety  - Negative Self-Talk  - 

-  Yips  -  Feeling Stuck  -  Perfectionism  -  Frustration  -  Failure Recovery  -  Effective Communication  -

-  Diaphragmatic Breathing  -  Mindfulness  -  Resilience and Recovery  -  Motivation  -

Team Sport Psych Services

Working with an individual on performance goals can make a significant difference in how that person experiences their performance life.  However, working with an entire team multiplies the impact of sport psychology skills because the team has a shared understanding of how improving mental performance furthers the team's ultimate mission.

I work with teams in various ways.  Some teams benefit from a one time visit, while others may prefer weekly skills sessions.  In addition to teaching peak performance skills, I've also worked with teams to develop leadership skills, communication skills, championship habits, and to create a strong team culture.  I enjoy working in a consultant role for coaches as well.  Teams and coaches commonly ask me to help them with failure recovery, effective communication and accountability, managing competition anxiety, mindfulness, strengthening confidence, and establishing winning self-talk.

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