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Dr. Blakely

Licensed Counseling & Sport Psychologist
My Approach

Welcome! In my years of work as a sport psychologist, I have found  athletes perform at their best when they have a rich understanding of who they are, both as a person and as a performer.  Elite performers also have the ability to manage challenges that occur during the course of competition.  To perform at their best, an athlete needs a space to work where they feel truly seen and heard as a whole person.  My style as a sport psychologist is warm and engaging, while also being direct.  I work to build a strong connection with you, and I commit to telling you what you need to know!  We will work together to increase self-awareness, remove performance barriers, and enhance your experience of competing in your sport.

About Dr. Blakely

Dr. Blakely lives in her hometown of San Antonio, TX and serves clients through her private practice, which is centrally located near Broadway and Hildebrand.  She is a licensed psychologist in Texas.  She provides sport psychology services to elite athletes, and she collaborates with athletics organizations to help teams perform at their fullest potential.  Because Dr. Blakely is a licensed psychologist, she has the expertise to address the full range of a performer's needs.  Dr. Blakely is also a provider for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Mental Health Registry.

Therapy Sessions
Individual Sport Psychology Services

One-on-one sessions for the elite athlete.  Click to learn more about the types of work we can do together.

Team Sport Psychology Services

Services for teams, administrators, and coaches.

Counseling Psychology Services

Athletes, performers, and executives are people first. Take care of personal needs, and watch your performance improve.  

Speaking Services

Do you need an engaging speaker who will connect with your organization and inspire and challenge your team?

Softball is a sport with an increasingly high rate of failure, so having access to someone as skilled and talented as Blakely was a huge asset for our program.  Her ability to almost instantaneously create a safe and comfortable space helped set the stage for tremendous growth.  Blakely met our athletes and coaches where they were, while cultivating deeply meaningful and trustworthy relationships.  She provided personalized solutions that helped our athletes cope with the many pressures that come from being an elite level student-athlete as well as overcome mistakes and failures that are inevitably part of the sport.  Having competed at a high level herself in combination with her easy nature, our athletes were drawn to her and quickly bought in to the exercises she would take them through ultimately providing them with increased confidence, mental toughness, the ability to work through stress and anxiety, and also transferring successful training into competition.  When we lost Blakely to another position we never lost the relationship that she built, which is a huge statement to her commitment to the success of the athletes, coaches and programs that are so lucky to work with her.

Courtney Deifel

University of Arkansas, Head Coach Softball


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